Kingsam Phytoscience LLC  in Fremont, California  is the leading manufacturer and distributor of natural nutraceutical products from botanical extracts with proven health benefits for human applications. Since 2009, Kingsam has established and developed markets in the US and Asia. The clear focus of the company is to develop high quality, scientific evidence based products. This demands an unrelenting emphasis on premium quality products, conclusive technical data and excellent customer service.

What is so special about Kingsam PhytoScience products?

1. Kingsam PhytoScience products are designed to solve problems associated with stress. We focus on identifying important bioactives and verifying their activity with experiments conducted in conjunction with our academic partners and via field trial verification.

2. Our products are manufactured using the most modern food processing equipment, in a fully automated facility that is highly ergonomic.

3. Kinsam PhytoScience products are sustainable and environmental friendly. We target a good return on investment  for growers. The manufacturing process has no contamination to the environment. See a catalog of our botanical extracts.

Partners factory Botanical extract facility